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Great Falls, VA Fence Washing & Cleaning Service
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Great Falls, VA DMV Fence Washing & Cleaning Service

After some time, your fence will naturally show signs of aging and usage. Depending on its material, it can accumulate dirt, grime, mold, or algae and sustain damage. That’s why to help keep your fence in tip-top condition, DMV Power Washing Services offers our high-quality DMV fence washing & cleaning service to all property owners.

Our team is an expert when it comes to fence cleaning and can power wash any kind of fence with the right setting. This means that whether you have composite, vinyl, brick, stone, aluminum, metal, or wood fences, we know how to properly set the pressure and use the appropriate chemicals to thoroughly clean your fences without harming the material.

So if you want to keep your fence and other home exterior areas clean and attractive, acquire the service of DMV Power Washing Services—your licensed and insured Great Falls, VA home-wash company that offers high-quality services in DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

And the best part? We keep our prices reasonable so you can clean and beautify your home without breaking the bank!

Call DMV Power Washing Services today at (703) 214-9780 for your Free Consultation with a DMV Fence Washing & Cleaning Service provider!

All-Around Fence Pressure Washing Services

DMV Power Washing Services—with our well-trained crew and premium-quality equipment—can pressure wash many types of fences and help regain their original appeal.

Here is a list of fences that are covered by our Great Falls, VA DMV fence washing & cleaning service:

Wood Fences

Wooden fencing is the most popular among residential properties with a lot of different styles, sizes, and designs. Most of these are made from spruce, pine, and cedar wood.

Regardless of what specific wood your fence is made of, however, our crew knows the most efficient technique to clean it as thoroughly as possible. We’ll utilize low-pressure washing and ensure that your fence paint or coating won’t be damaged.

Aluminum Fences

Aluminum fences are durable and low maintenance, making them among the top choices of fencing materials too. But even if you don’t need to constantly clean them and if you do, you can do the job yourself, our professional cleaning service crew can do quicker, more thorough work. We’ll use a light-duty spray and make sure that all debris is removed without damaging the material.

Metal Fences

We can pressure wash your steel and iron fences as well. With the right pressure settings, tools, and cleaners, your metal fences will be rid of tough dirt that has accumulated after some time. Our pressure washing is also proven to be an easy and effective method of removing rust. This will restore the original appeal of your metal fence without the cost of replacement or new installation.

Vinyl Fences

Vinyl fences are not only versatile, durable, and available in a lot of styles. They are also weather-resistant and easy to clean. However, it is still recommended to let our Great Falls, VAprofessional fence pressure washing crew handle the cleaning, especially if there are already algae and other tough-to-remove build-ups.

Composite Fences

With the right pressure washer settings and professional skills, your composite fences can be easily cleaned by DMV Power Washing Services too. We’ll help you make your fence look as good as new again by adhering to the specific care required for its wood and plastic materials.

If you want to know the exact process that we’ll do for your particular type of fence, or you want to inquire more about our Great Falls, VA fence pressure washing services, feel free to contact DMV Power Washing Services. We’ll gladly answer your queries and, should you decide to acquire our services, schedule your fence cleaning at your earliest convenience.

Benefits of Our Professional Fence Power Washing Services

If you’re still not sure that our Great Falls, VA services are worth the investment, consider the following benefits that our DMV fence washing & cleaning service can give you:

Extended fence lifespan

Even the best fencing material needs proper care to last for as long as possible. And at DMV Power Washing Services, we power wash your fence in the most appropriate and efficient way so that you can keep your fence in the best condition and maximize its lifespans.

Reduced health risks

Mold, mildew, and other contaminants can build up on your fence after some time and cause several health issues. With our meticulous fence cleaning, you can enjoy a clean fence that’s a step closer to an overall safer outdoor living space.

Improved curb appeal

Your fence will have a huge impact on your overall curb appeal as it’s one of the first things that people will notice. The good news is that you won’t have to worry about its regular maintenance if you enlist our services. We’ll make sure that we’ll keep your fence in the best shape without charging too much.


If you choose to do the cleaning yourself, you might need to buy tools that you will only use a few times over many years. This will be an unnecessary, expensive purchase that you could easily not do by acquiring our reasonably priced services. Additionally, you can always schedule for us to clean your fence when you’re not in your home, making it more convenient for you.

Reliable, professional service

With many years of experience under our belt, we remain a 5-star-rated company that provides high-quality services at reasonable rates. So you can guarantee that we’ll follow through with our promises and give you a satisfactory service within your set timetable and established budget.

DMV Premier Home-Wash Company

Wherever you are in DC, Maryland, or Virginia, DMV Power Washing Services is a licensed and insured home-wash company that can clean your home’s exterior and roof as thoroughly as possible. Whether your exterior surface is made from brick, stucco, vinyl, hardy planks, wood, aluminum, and stone, we are skilled and equipped to soft-wash or power-wash it.

And if your particular area of concern is your windows or glass walls, you’ll be glad to know that our company is certified by IWCA for both cleaning and safety for windows. Our crew is also trained to use only the appropriate chemicals for either soft-washing or power-washing your window or other exterior surfaces so you won’t have to deal with otherwise avoidable damage.

However, if accidents indeed happen at your home or business, DMV Power Washing Services has $1 million insurance for it. All these plus our commendable results have consistently made us a 5-star-rated company that can always guarantee your 100% satisfaction.

Even better, we offer a free estimate where we provide you with a reasonable initial rate for your desired cleaning project. Rest assured, too, that we won’t charge hidden fees that will just surprise you in the end. So whenever you need them, don’t hesitate to contact us for the following services:

  • Power Washing & Soft Washing
  • Window Washing & Cleaning Services
  • Gutter Washing & Cleaning Services
  • Roof Washing & Cleaning Services
  • Concrete Washing & Cleaning Services
  • Deck Washing & Cleaning Services
  • Fence Washing & Cleaning Services
  • Dryer Vent Cleaning

Call us now, and we’ll be happy to go over the details with you!

Let’s Talk Now – Free Consultation

Keeping your house or business clean from the inside out is important not only to improve your curb appeal but also to avoid any potential health issues that a dirty environment can cause. That is why hiring a professional fence cleaning crew is recommended for a convenient and reliable soft-washing or power-washing service.

At DMV Power Washing Services, we will make sure that you’ll get the best value for your maintenance investment. We will restore your fence’s former appeal and make your property as attractive as possible.

Call DMV Power Washing Services today at (703) 214-9780 for your Free Consultation with a DMV Fence Washing & Cleaning Service provider!